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Learning Oasis Learning Oasis Transformational Teaching & Learning™

   To survive in a new, globally competitive world, today's children will need creativity, problem-solving abilities, a passion for learning, a dedicated work ethic and lifelong learning opportunities. At Learning Oasis, we believe that students can develop these abilities through instruction based on transformational teaching and learning strategies. Transformational teaching and learning are an inherent part of a curriculum that are evidence-based and exemplifies the connection and relevance identified in educational research. They interject rigor into the curriculum by developing thinking and problem-solving skills through integration and active learning. Relationships are built through opportunities for communication and teamwork. Transformational teaching and learning motivate, engage and prompt students to learn and achieve. Students receive a balanced curriculum and possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to transfer and connect ideas and concepts across disciplines. Six core components of transformational teaching and learning practices are a balanced curriculum, an integrated curriculum, individual learning plan, active learning opportunities for students to internalize their learning and make the necessary conceptual connections, a system wide 21st Century Habits of mind culture and essential learning tools for the students.

We provide the students with Active Learning Opportunities

   Active learning is a process in which the students are engaged in hands-on activities rather than passively receiving knowledge. Students interact with others to construct meaning from new ideas and concepts based on their background knowledge. Active learning is fast paced, fun and personally engaging because students have the opportunity to try things out, use their senses, ask questions and discuss with others. Assignments are designed to draw upon the skills and knowledge that students have or must acquire.

We habituate the students with the 21st Century Habits Of Mind™

   We at Learning Oasis thus emphasize on the increasing needs of learning to learn in light of the shift to a digital age that values intellectual capital. This vision redefines the purpose of education. Our vision is to nurture learners who have the self-confidence, independence, and high-tech proficiencies to continuously learn—meeting challenges innovatively and creatively. Accordingly, we use a full system approach of the Habits of Mind to habituate the students with the necessary 21st Century skills.

Integrated Curriculum™

 -"Value based curriculum aiming at educating the whole child." 

   We have taken our 20 years of experience in teaching the IGCSE Syllabus to the next level with our propriety Learning Oasis Integrated CurriculumTM. The integrated curriculum covers the Cambridge IGCSE O Level syllabus in an integrated and balanced manner. Learning Oasis Integrated Curriculum™ is a value based balanced curriculum aiming at educating the whole child. The curriculum is rigorous and relevant, covering the entire Cambridge IGCSE O Level standards.

Individual Learning Plan™

 -"Guiding each learner's journey." 

The mission of Learning Oasis is to prepare our youth for their futures and as life-long learners by equipping them with the essential 21st Century skills. Learning Oasis Individual Learning Plan™ (ILP) provides a structured process to help students plan for their futures through:

  1. Acquisition of knowledge
  2. Development of skills
  3. Adoption of appropriate behaviours/attitudes
  • Parents looking for looking for an alternative to ordinary school approaches
  • Parents hoping to educate their children beyond basic education
  • Students' learnig campus
  • Private school seeking for an enrichment program to their existing curriculum
  • Newly established private school seeking for beyond basic educational curriculum
  • School management seeking professional development for teachers, equipping them with the necessary 21st century arts of teaching and learning.
  • Parents looking for special needs help
Learning Oasis

Cambridge IGCSE O Level Subjects offered

IGCSE O Level Program

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Additional Mathematics
  • English as Second Language
  • Bahasa Melayu as Foreign Language
  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Arts
  •  Subjects offered are:

    1. Physics
    2. Additional Mathematics
    3. Chemistry
    4. English as Second Language
    5. Biology
    6. Mathematics
    7. Accounting
    8. Business Studies

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