Magnolia, Special needs

We provide the perfect environment and expertise for the extraordinary children. We cater for children with various types of disabilities and symptoms.

What we offer

Having a child with special needs can sometimes be a real challenge to parents. While children with mild to moderate level of difficultes benefit from classroom inclusion, those with severe learning disabilites need to undergo special interventtion to prepare them to be in an inclusive classroom. Early interventon is of prime importance to children with learning difficultes, and studies have shown at early interventtion results in better outcomes. Of equal importance is the quality of intervention which is determined by the quality of trained teachers, the interventiton module used, and the comprehensiveness of the Individualised Education Plan (IEP) of the students. Learning Oasis aims to assist parents in the early intervention of special needs children.

Domains of Intervention

Every child with learning disabilities comes with his/her very own unique combination of symptoms, not to mention overlapping diagnoses. Based on the premise at most symptoms overlap despite their severity, the best approach to special needs intervention is to base the intervention on seven basic developmental domains:

  1. Literacy
  2. Numeracy
  3. Cognitive
  4. Communication
  5. Emotion
  6. Motor Skills
  7. Adaptive
Magnolia, Special needs education
Magnolia, Special needs education
Magnolia, Special needs education
Magnolia, Special needs education