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Founded by Puan Muthla Yusoff in 2003 and formerly known as Achievers' Studio, Learning Oasis was formally established in 2014. Wholly owned by Gestalt Education Sdn Bhd, Learning Oasis is much sought after by parents who are looking for a more personalized and wholesome education. Parents choose Learning Oasis for its academic rigour, its intellectual challenge and its proven ability to produce excellent IGCSE results and its more rounded approach to learning.

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Beyond Basic Education

Are you looking for that added advantage
in your child's education?

Come and discover our propriety Learning Oasis Transformative Teaching and Learning, blending Cambridge IGCSE syllabus with values, skills & competencies essential for the 21st century youths

Cambridge IGCSE O Level & GCSE A Level

Our secondary level starts with Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint followed by Cambridge IGCSE O Level. Both syllabi are seamlessly blended with our Gestalt Accelerated Learning System.

IGCSE Workshops

Learning Oasis is much sought after for its long-standing performance in helping the students excel in their IGCSE OLevel exams and equipping the teachers with the necessary teaching and learning skills.

Cambridge Primary & Secondary Checkpoint

Our Magnolia program is a fusion of Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Syllabus and our Gestalt Accelerated Learning System & our Secondary Checkpoint program is a launching pad for our Cambridge IGCSE O Level.

Teachers Training

The Arts of Teaching is a series of teachers’ continuous professional development (CPD) courses. The CPD modules are divided into 3 tiers, each covering several essential skills.

What parents have to say...

Terima kasih Kak Ros ucapkan T.Muthla, T.Zul, T.Mimi, T.June, T.Izzati yang banyak membantu Nina dalam mengharungi exam IGCSE

Puan Ros

Thank you sooo much for everything that LO has done. It would not be possible without the support from LO.

Puan Lin

Alhamdulillah and thanks a lot to T.Muthla, T.Zul and all other LO teachers. InshaAllah Ariff will be joining Wollongong University Malaysia to further his studies.

Ariff Rezza’s Mom

Alhamdulillah...Jazakallah to T.Muthla and all the teachers and staff of LO who have guided our children. May LO continue to be a warm and safe space for our children to learn.

Hazem’s Mom

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