The Arts of Teaching is a series of teachers’ continuous professional development (CPD) courses. The CPD modules are divided into 3 tiers, each covering several essential skills. Each tier requires 3 -4 days of training followed by coaching and consultation sessions.


  • To equip the teachers with the essential habits and attitude of excellence.
  • To equip the teachers with the necessary background knowledge, skills and tools prerequisite to effective student-centred teaching and learning.
  • To equip the teachers with the necessary skills required to teach the Cambridge IGCSE O Level and A Level.
  • To equip the teachers with the awareness and understanding of the importance of the right habits of mind and thinking skills required to create the culture of thinking amongst the students and school wide in an effort to produce the thinking and progressive society.
  • To create a schoolwide culture of excellence in both teachers and students alike.

Tier 1: Habits of Mind & Teaching Skills

Tier 1 prepares the teachers on the necessary habits of mind and teaching skills essential to effective teaching and learning. Some of the areas covered are Effective Classroom Management, Student Centred Teaching & Learning, etc.

Tier 2: Teaching for Understanding

Through Teaching for Understanding™ module, the teachers will learn the arts of crafting lessons aimed at a bigger perspective of understanding which is application in real life and the various ways of assessing the students’ understanding performances. The module aims at equipping the teachers with the tools to promote deep learning and teaching for understanding instead of surface learning and rote memorization of facts. Authentic learning calls for students not only to be good with facts and concepts but also be able to relate the concepts to the bigger picture of real-life contexts and generate own hypotheses based on the concepts. The teachers will have the opportunity to utilize several powerful and proven techniques based on Socratic Questioning and SOLO hierarchy of learning that can easily be used in the classroom in order to promote deep learning among the students.

Tier 3: Great Teachers

Mastering Tier 3 skills transform good teachers to become great teachers. The teachers will be exposed to skills required for differentiated teaching and learning, organic assessments, open heart communication, skills in handling the special needs students, and the Gestalt view to teaching and learning.