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Founded by Puan Muthla Yusoff in 2003 and formerly known as Achievers’ Studio, Learning Oasis was formally established in 2014. Wholly owned by Gestalt Education Sdn Bhd, Learning Oasis is much sought after by parents who are looking for a more personalized and wholesome education. Parents choose Learning Oasis for its academic rigour, its intellectual challenge and its proven ability to produce excellent IGCSE results and its more rounded approach to learning.

Parents are also drawn by the sheer flexibility of the program. The students have a choice of completing their secondary education in just 3 years instead of the usual 5 years with the flexibility to adjust according to their readiness. Our enrolment is all year round and the students’ progress according to their ability instead of age-level. Our small group individualized approach makes sure that each of our students is catered for and no one is left behind.

Learning Oasis 2021

We strive to go beyond basic education in order to nurture wholesome individuals. Our Gestalt Accelerated Education system covers key academic and character-building components that are seamlessly blended into the syllabi, bringing about the Gestalt view of knowledge.

Academic rigour, creativity and critical thinking are achieved by engaging and exposing the students to various real-life contexts through our Culture of Thinking, Living Classrooms,Vocational Weeks and Project Based Learning. A sense of ownership and grit are instilled through our Habits of Mind, Growth Mindset, the concepts of Adab and Adulthood. Empathy and social responsibility are nurtured through our various Social Enterprise programs. Public speaking skill is polished through our daily Man of The Floor activity. Our small group approach allows for a more personalised coaching. Our classes are filled with Socratic Questioning, discussions and academic challenges. Our built-in teacher assisted prep time allows the students to get the help they need from the teachers and to complete their home works.

The space in Learning Oasis is designed based on biophilic design principles. A playful mix of plants, natural light, colour and space soothe, stimulate, engage and inspire our students to work more productively and creatively. Collectively, at Learning Oasis each of the students has the opportunity to experience how it feels like, sounds like and looks like to be a good, matured, self-regulated, confident and responsible adult.